Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a proven technology allowing anyone to place phone calls over a network like the Internet. VoIP technology uses the same data network for voice calls as for other data applications such as email, file sharing, and internet browsing. Sharing this common infrastructure can provide great flexibility in where calls can be routed.

With the rise of broadband, VoIP has become the definitive phone service choice for consumers and businesses alike. People enjoy the convenience and cost-efficiency of VoIP phone service over traditional phone lines. Although most commonly used by businesses both large and small, VoIP can also be utilized for residential purposes. 

Benefits of VoIP

  • Cuts cost by eliminating regular phone bill
  • Utilizes resources client already has (internet provider)
  • Businesses can be linked with multiple locations
  • Ideal option for remote work and travel as the app allows your cell phone to be your office phone
  • Better sound quality
  • Customizable features (call/voicemail forwarding, call routing, call queuing, auto attendant)
  • Fast installation 

Features of VoIP

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call security
  • Voicemail
  • Server backups through OfficeSafe 

Why BOSS for your VoIP?

BOSS Security & Automation is your go-to source for VoIP phone systems. We utilize technology to make your user experience easy and efficient. With minimal downtime, the typical system remains running constantly once programmed and operational. This system is also easy to operate, allowing clients to work within their own needs such as:

  • Setting up accounts for new employees
  • Setting up additional extensions
  • Creating voicemails

BOSS provides a local resource for your home security and communication needs founded on close customer relationships and communication.


  • Are calls secure?

Yes! Because our technology relies on the internet provider you already have, calls are protected by your firewall

  • Can long-distance calls be made?

Yes. Because digital data is so easy and cheap to send, there is essentially no difference between local and long-distance calls.

  • Is any special equipment needed?

You will need phones, a phone server, network switches, and ideally high-speed internet.

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