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Can I view cameras from my phone?

Most camera manufacturers offer an app to view your cameras; however more steps are required to accomplish this. Port Forwarding needs to be on and set up on your Router or Router/Modem (81 and 8100 are common) this information needs to be entered into the camera or recorder along with a username and password. You may also require a DDNS that maps Internet Domain names to IP addresses which automatically updates the IP address if or when it changes. Sounds difficult? Let BOSS Security & Automation take the guesswork out of setting up your remote access.

Are WiFi cameras, like Ring and Nest, as secure as BOSS Security cameras?

NO, with WiFi jammers being sold online for as low as $20, it has never been more important to have a Professional Hardwired Camera Installation.

Without WiFi, you CANNOT get alerts on your phone or connect to your WiFi camera in real time. You may only be able to view video recorded on the internal SD card once WiFi is restored and the video is uploaded to the cloud, or if you remove the external SD card from the Camera.

However, not every camera has an external SD card slot, and if it does have an SD slot, the card is not always included and must be purchased separately. If the camera was removed or tampered with, all data would be lost as well.

Is there a monthly charge for being able to view my cameras on my phone?

Unlike most home camera systems which require a monthly fee to access your cameras remotely, BOSS Security & Automation does not require a monthly subscription to view your cameras. As long as you have reliable internet access you can view your cameras anywhere on earth.

How does a home security system work?

A home security system (alarm system) has a centralized control panel which has a computer CPU (central processing unit), memory, and screw terminal connections for hard wired devices. In addition, there is almost always a keypad with keys allowing a user/technician to program, arm, and disarm the system. All-in-one wireless systems have the computer, keypad, and siren all integrated together. Hardwired security systems can have sensors on doors and windows that are physically connected to the control panel. Wireless systems on the other hand have sensors that communicate with a system’s wireless receiver through radio waves. No wiring to the sensor is required. When a security system sensor is tripped, the system will begin a sequence using some sort of communication method such as a phone line, internet module, or a cellular communicator. This signal is then transmitted to our Central Station and we react according to the instructions specified on your account.

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