BOSS Security & Automation introduces our custom line of remote surveillance platforms, marrying the technology and techniques of modern day industrial automation to our popular remote camera platforms. Custom built to suit a variety of process applications, not only in manufacturing, but for use residentially for controlling and monitoring peripheral devices. Ideal for small process control applications such as gate control, irrigation, wildlife management, lighting control, and as a comprehensive remote security platform for construction sites, oil & gas locations, law enforcement, special events, agriculture, and outdoor enthusiasts for wildlife surveillance. The applications are virtually endless.

The addition of alternative energy resources, such as solar and wind, make for a standalone system capable of being used in the most remote and austere conditions. M.V.A.S. systems offer a custom solution integrating multiple paths of communication back to the end user, and introduce the use of logic devices to control virtually any device. M.V.A.S. platforms are in use throughout a wide range of environments, both domestically in the U.S.A. and in Canada. Some of our applications to date are as follows:

  • Alberta, Canada- Agriculture; Surveillance, Gate Control for calve weaning operations
  • New York- Residential; Land Management, Wildlife Management
  • Pennsylvania – Residential; Land Management, Wildlife Management, Feeder Control
  • New York- Residential; Wildlife Management
  • Alberta, Canada- Agriculture; Surveillance, Irrigation control, tank level monitoring
  • New York – Municipality; Land Management, Wildlife Management
  • New York – Commercial; Surveillance, Driveway Gate Control
  • Pennsylvania – Agriculture; Remote Field Surveillance, Farm Surveillance, Cattle Surveillance during peak Calving Season
  • Pennsylvania- Industrial; Surveillance, Plant Process Control
  • Pennsylvania- Residential; Wildlife Management, scent dispersal, feeder control

If you have a remote surveillance need, coupled with end device control, reach out to BOSS Security & Automation to discuss today!

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