Fire Extinguisher Service & Inspection

BOSS Security & Automation focuses on safety and security, no matter what form it takes. Now BOSS Security & Automation offers fire extinguisher inspections and services to better serve your comprehensive fire safety needs following our acquisition of LaFrance Equipment, formerly located on Erie Street in Elmira, NY.

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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Service

We primarily serve commercial and industrial customers; however, we also extend our services to residential and even walk-in customers.

Whether you need fire extinguisher service and inspection for your business office, industrial building or home, BOSS Security & Automation has the resources to serve you. Our team of fire and safety experts are certified and knowledgeable on all inspection methods, safety codes, and compliance requirements to ensure your home, business, or building meets fire safety standards.

Fire Extinguisher Services

We are an authorized distributor of Amerex fire safety equipment, but we can provide inspections and services for all brands of fire extinguishers.

Since integrating LaFrance Equipment with BOSS Security & Automation, we are proud to offer service and inspection for the following types of fire extinguishers:

  • Dry Chemical (including ABC, BC, Class D &  Purple K)
  • CO2
  • Water
  • Foam
  • Halon
  • Clean Agent
  • Water Mist
  • Wet Chemical Class K

BOSS Security & Automation Sets the Standard

Our fire extinguisher inspection and service technicians are certified to and follow NFPA10 standards for portable fire extinguishers.

LaFrance Equipment has been serving its customers for over 50 years and combined with the experience of the BOSS Security & Automation team, you can expect your fire extinguisher services and inspections to meet your specific industry standards.

How long has it been since your fire extinguishers have been inspected? Contact us today to schedule your service!

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