Security & Surveillance Products

modularSecurity & Surveillance

We offer full-service surveillance and security system design, programming, installation, and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout NY and PA.

Wireless Systems

ProSeries Security and Life Safety

ProSeries products are a professional, next-generation security and life safety platform for residential and small business installations. With a modular design and seamless hardware and software, ProSeries offers an efficient, customized installation and a great user experience. It also features proven life safety, advanced smart home capabilities, and technology that makes takeovers and upgrades easier.
The ProSeries platform helps you win more business, keep your customers longer, and drive more profits.

The LYNX Family

A professional wireless security and smart home platform with a wide selection of wireless sensors that offers fast and dependable installations.

Hybrid Systems

The VISTA Residential and Light Commercial Family

A proven security and life safety platform that’s highly flexible and scalable, offering a wide selection of hardwired and wireless sensors, numerous user interface options, and support for automation capabilities.

The VISTA Light Commercial Solutions Family

A proven, highly reliable solution, the VISTA® light commercial platform supports both burglary and fire alarm applications and a wide variety of hardwire, V-Plex®, and wireless options, maximizing installation flexibility.

The TiOC by Dahua

This TiOC (Three-in-One-Camera) by Dahua is part of the WizSense product line, created with powerful AI technology. The TiOC can be installed as a standalone camera available with a mobile app for viewing remotely. With push notifications on your phone, you will get motion and alarm alerts automatically wherever you are. There is no extra recording equipment needed because an onboard SD card does the recording.

The TiOC is equipped with several security features including a microphone to listen and a speaker to talk through. It can also be set up with a tripwire feature that flashes red and blue lights, along with a siren if motion is detected across a chosen area. The TiOC by Dahua is a high quality security camera that acts like a security zone alarm to ensure the highest level of protection and safety.

This camera is rated to withstand harsh weather conditions with an IP67 rating and comes backed by a five year warranty. WizSense technology provides useful analytics information and advanced technology to focus on human and vehicle activity, while ignoring harmless disturbances to reduce false alarms.

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