Kitchen Hood Inspection Service

Ensure Your Commercial Kitchen Is Up to Code

BOSS Security & Automation offers kitchen hood inspection services to ensure your commercial kitchen is up to code to keep your cooks, employees, and customers safe.

Regardless of the size of your restaurant, kitchens are designed to insulate heat and with that comes the build up of grease and smoke residue. These residues are sticky and can adhere to fire suppression systems, greatly reducing your system’s effectiveness in case of an emergency.

Having a compromised fire suppression system is a major liability and a serious fire hazard. For this reason, it is essential that restaurants and kitchens have their kitchen hoods and fire suppression systems serviced and inspected regularly to ensure they meet industry standards.

Small & Large Kitchen Hood Inspection Service

Whether your kitchen is part of a small or large stand-alone restaurant, or a commercial building, BOSS Security & Automation’s team of inspection experts can get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to serving your customers.

According to NFPA 96, your kitchen hood fire suppression system should be inspected every six months. Our team will perform a full inspection of your fire suppression system that includes:

  • Verification of pressure gauges to ensure proper PSI
  • Ensure the fire extinguishing lines are clear of blockage and residue
  • Check that components are compatible and are in good working order
  • Test that both gas and electric shut off when the fire suppression system is activated

Our inspection team will update the certification tag on your kitchen hood fire suppression system to show that it meets regulation standards and was professionally inspected. Once a full inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a comprehensive Commercial Cooking System Service and Inspection report detailing our work, findings, and any areas of potential concern.

Although kitchen hood fire suppression system inspections are only required once every six months, regular cleaning, care, and visual inspection of the kitchen hood should be continued regularly between professional inspections.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspection Requirements

Before you have your kitchen hood fire suppressions system inspected, there are a few details you need to know so you can properly prepare.

  1. The kitchen cannot be in use and must be cool during the inspection
  2. All staff and employees must be notified of the fire suppression system inspection
  3. Fire alarms will be disabled during the inspection time

It is best to schedule your fire suppression systems inspection during your kitchen off hours so the inspection doesn’t interfere with your normal operating procedures.

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BOSS Security & Automation is certified to perform fire suppression system inspections. Our team has over 50 years of industry experience and is dedicated to performing a complete inspection of your fire suppression system.

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